Workers Union Mini Tour and Promo Vid

Hi everyone,

We’ve just got back from a brilliant (and also very tiring) mini tour to Southampton Turner Sims and Birmingham Conservatoire.

We had such a nice time working with some brilliant young players in Southampton, playing Polansky’s ‘Ensembles of Note’. One of the students ended up playing the synth part in the premier of Matthew Kaner’s work when the weather prevented the fantastic (and well travelled by the time he arrived), Aaron from getting there on time!

Below is a short snapshot of what we have been up to, whilst also promoting the culmination of this PRSF funded project at St. Luke’s on November the 9th 2013. Please let us know what you think!

We hope you enjoy the video, and really look forward to seeing everyone on the 9th to help us decide the winner of our Call for Works competition.

Until then,