Commissioning new works has always been an important part of our work, and since 2009 we’ve commissioned over twenty new works for WUE.  We enjoy working closely with composers, and find that sharing of ideas through workshops and discussions helps to create a strong bond between the composer and the performers.


Listen by clicking on the links below or visiting our Soundcloud page.


Helen Papaioannou Backscatter (funded by WUE Kickstarter Audience Commissioning Fund)


Seán Clancy Seven Lines of Music Slow Down and Eventually Stop (funded by WUE Audience Commissioning Fund)

Commissioned by New Dots:

Nick Morrish Rarity Junk Space
Monica Dalach Ethereal:Space
Camilo Mendez Cartography of Convoluted Spaces


Benjamin Oliver Zeros and Ones
Jay Capperauld Circumstantial Awareness at Zero-Depth Entry (funded by WUE Audience Commissioning Fund)
Kate Whitley Two Pieces
Mic Spencer Clstrbmb
Ryan Latimer King


Daniel Saleeb Chaconne
Joe Cutler For Frederic Lagnau
Matthew Kaner Organum
Sean Clancy Three Minutes of Music

Call for Works 2013 finalists:

George Christofi Dancing Shadows
David Kirkland Garner Ritual
Amber Priestly But Walk Softly As You Do
Jay Capperauld Dehumanised Shock Absorbers


Ryan Latimer The Primate Horrific or Jumpity Jim Hath Little Intelligence


Adam Ferguson Night Walking
Matthew Kaner Gauguin Sketches
Oliver Sellwood Jaleo


Benjamin Oliver Ripped Up


David Ibbett Sound Tracks