Two Quick ‘On & Off’ Questions: Mic Spencer

The second in our series of quick composer questions is Scottish composer Mic Spencer. His new work for us is entitled CLSTRBMB.

WUE: In what way does your piece respond to the ‘On & Off’ theme?

Mic: OK – I’m going to be honest – I didn’t realise I was supposed to be responding to Simon’s piece haha…however – I’d say that the use of megaphones in my piece ties in to an extent with the Steen-Andersen, and I might well be able to think of other ways as I write the programme note tonight!

WUE: What music are you into at the moment?

Mic: Wow! I’ve been revisiting Nono in the light of a friend’s sudden death (who happened to love Luigi’s music); which is off-set by recent purchases of Funkadelic and an album by John Parish and P J Harvey (I have their first collaboration ‘Dance Hall at Louse Point’, bits of which I used to teach in composition modules at the University of Leeds and only just discovered this 2nd collaborative venture over Christmas) – all stimulating stuff, if a tad eclectic!

Thanks Mic. Here is a clip of PJ Harvey and John Parish on the David Letterman Show: