Adam Fergler

Adam Fergler (b. 1984) is a UK-based composer, conductor, and arranger whose work spans a range of styles and musical approaches. His interests include the relationship between audience and performance, the (in)flexibility of different notational forms, the link between music and expression and the relationship between music and space (physical, political and social). He is particularly interested in how ‘openness’ works in music and believes strongly in music as a shared experience.

In 2006 Fergler’s Universal Necrophilia won the LUUMS Composition Competition. He has been commissioned by the Worker’s Union Ensemble, Lauren Redhead, ‘Howl for Now’ and in 2013 by the London Sinfonietta as part of ‘Writing the Future’. He has worked as an arranger and conductor with rock band Starling on their two studio albums. In 2013 his piece Image, Music, Textwas recorded and released by organist Lauren Redhead on Sound/Image/Resonance.


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