Two Quick ‘On & Off’ Questions: Jay Capperauld

In preparation for our upcoming ‘ON & OFF 2015’ tour we’ve asked the five composers who have written new works to answer two quick questions. We’ll be posting their answers in the coming weeks in the build up to the tour (18th-21st February).
First up is Jay Capperauld who we commissioned to write a new piece for us after he won the Heidi Cupp Award in our inaugural call for works in 2013:

WUE: In what way does your piece, Circumstantial Awareness at Zero-Depth Entry, respond to the ‘On & Off’ theme?

Jay: “On & Off” inspired me to explore the idea of coexisting opposites within one cohesive expression.  In this case, I am attempting to find a level playing field between logic and non-logic – both in a musical and psychological sense – with the intention of allowing each an equal precedence to influence and govern the compositional decisions made in the work.

WUE: What music are you into at the moment?

Jay: At the moment I’m listening to a lot of Birtwistle, Romitelli and Feldman. But I’m probably always subconsciously listening to Ivor Cutler.

Thanks Jay. Here is our favourite Ivor Cutler tune:


Workers Union are delighted to announce that we have been selected for Sound and Music’s Composer-Curator Programme for 2014/2015, which is funded by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation.

The Workers Union Ensemble (WUE) present a programme of five new work developed in response to Simon Steen-Andersen’s On And Off And To And Fro (2008) for soprano saxophone, double bass, vibraphone and three players with megaphones. The new pieces might be a direct response to Steen-­Andersen’s piece or could be a more tangential reaction to the title and will be performed alongside On And Off And To And Fro in a mini-­tour of England. The composers featured will include three twentysomething emerging stars Ryan Latimer (WUE Composer ­In ­Association), Kate Whitley and Jay Capperauld (winner of the WUE Heidi Cupp Award 2013) as well as two slightly older heads Benjamin Oliver (conductor of the WUE) and Scottish composer Mic Spencer.

Videos from LSO St Luke’s, November 2013

We are pleased to be able to share the videos from our gig at LSO St. Luke’s in November, which was in collaboration with LSO Soundhub.. Thanks to Ciaran Smith and and Chris Rogers for the videos!